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This is a text document download. Now think, how will Pins4Free attempt to scam you with a text document? I mean, it's a 1.89kb download. Not like it's a program where you have to click to generate pins, this is a text document, like microsoft word, with a list of pins on it. Again, it's a 1.89kb download, it can't possibly hold a virus or scam. VIRUS SCAN IS INCLUDED BELOW SO 100% NO VIRUS. We have given several RS users free Runescape pins, and there are some people who claim this is a scam simply because they think it's too good to be true. Wrong. We are United. We provide Runescape memberships for the entertainment of our members. We are a non-profit in general, and all donations made are going to fund for our websites. We are United. We are Pins4Free.


*Pins4Free reaches 2000 members on our forum*

Old members remember this website as That website was taken down due to violation of T.O.S. on domain provider. After problems are sorted out, it will be restored soon. From now on, an email has been sent to every forum member on how to regain your forum status(Vip,Sponsor,Mod) and other updates on regaining the domain.  

Worried About A Virus?
I personally recommend you visit for a virus scan. If not, look for any other virus link scanners. Keep in Mind that it is a text document download, and the size of the text download is 1.83KB which is impossible to store a virus. We Do Not Ask For Any Account Information. Beware for Phishers.
Also You May View The Youtube Video Above or Visit our forum for proof~!

To unlock the text document, just fill out the simple 5 minute survey. 
Our Surveys are the easiest out of all other surveys. No real info is needed, even if it asks for it. I would recommend 
this website, for all the answers.

No Account Information Required
Takes Approx 5-10mins. to complete
1.89kb download, not possible to store a virus in that amount of space. Use OnlineLinkScan if you wish to do a link scan.
This download is nothing but a text document with a list of pins updated daily.

Please read:
I have several messages on my Youtube Account asking for pins due to the inability to complete a simple questionnaire. It is not my problem, as I am not responsible for your difficulties. You may visit our forum for tips on completing a survey, there are many respectful members that are here to help you. 
How To Activate Pin:
Go to Runescape Homepage<Click Membership Cards<Activate Card<Enter Game Card Code
Please visit our forum for several screenshots (1000+). I can't post it all here so feel free to take a look at other members' feedback.

Our main forum has turned into a private forum due to the excessive amount of members.

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June 10, 2014: We are going to be adding a Twitter Page, Please check there for updates instead of here!

February 17, 2014: 2007 RS is coming back, our community is prepared to receive memberships for 2007 and update it here. Stay tuned.

February 12, 2014: Been a while since I've updated the pins, sorry for the unannounced surprise but I was on vacation. Scheduled updates will occur once again.

January 1, 2013: Happy New Year! Pins4Free Hosts an extra pin giveaway included in text document.

November 17, 2012: turns our main forum into a private forum! Registered members can view it for new benefits. We have also launched a new free public forum! Register now here

November 3, 2012: Youtube channel gets deleted, New Channel Created.

November 1, 2012: Pins4Free Reaches 2000 Members on the forum!@@@

October 31, 2012: Halloween Update! Bonus Membership Cards Added!

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December 25, 2011: Runescape Account Got Hacked, over 5b lost included untradables :(

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December 24, 2011: Pins are back to normal!

December 22, 2011: Will not have any functional pins for 2-5 days.

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May 1, 2011: Everything is ok, been a while since I last posted

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January 1, 2009: Happy New Year! 100 Extra Pins Added!

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October 31, 2008: Halloween Pins Added, get them while they last

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December 27, 2007: Year is going to end :P

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